Do you like walking, nature and enjoying the most beautiful landscapes?
We offer you a variety of itineraries within the estate, starting and finishing at La Montaña Mágica (LMM), as well as our recommendation about trekking routes in the area.

These routes are available on the mobile hiking app Wikiloc, which will guide you very easily and will help you to understand what you will find along the way.

Recommendations and clothing

La Montaña Mágica is in an essentially cattle-raising environment. So, there are often fences and gates crossing the paths or meadows.
We recommend the use of sturdy, thick-soled shoes, as there may be mud. The paths are often overgrown with brambles and the mountain slopes are often overgrown with thorns. So, it is useful to wear long trousers.

Although the proposed walks do not involve any risk, each person should measure his/her possibilities. We do not accept any liability in this respect.

Enjoy these walks and help us to keep the environment as clean as possible (be careful with papers, bottles, and cigarette butts).

Difficulty criteria of the routes

We use the 5-level difficulty used by the Wikiloc hiking app: Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Very Difficult and Experts Only.

As these are routes aimed at the general public, our difficulty rating is conservative. Therefore, it is likely that many of our visitors will find the routes easier than the difficulty category marked.

Route and duration

The route and duration of the routes are approximate and refer to the distance or time of the round trip, the total walk.

Enjoy Asturias by getting immersed in the heart of nature, just a stone's throw from the main points of interest.


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