Located in the council of Llanes, in the East of Asturias, the rural hotel, rural house, village house, in short, rural accommodation La Montaña Mágica preserves the original farmhouse of the Asturian “Quintana” with its farm outbuildings: the granary, the stables, pastureland for the animals and farmland with vegetable garden and greenhouse. In total it covers an area of 17 hectares (170,000m2) where you can walk, read, enjoy the landscape or simply get lost surrounded by the tranquillity of this place.

The estate

Since 1992 we have been carrying out a project to recover native trees such as chestnut, oak, birch and ash trees, among others, while eliminating eucalyptus monocultures, which damage the local flora and fauna. The original holm oak groves on the southern slope of the mountain, which had disappeared due to intensive logging, are also replanted.

We use wood from old buildings and combine it with young wood from controlled pruning and fallen trees. These are used to make handcrafted furniture, which decorates every corner of the hotel.

Autochthonous animals

Asturcon horses, Xaldas sheep and Asturiana de los Valles cows

At La Montaña Mágica a low-intensity livestock activity is maintained with native breeds of Asturias, all of which are in danger of extinction. During your stay you can observe them, pet them and feed them. They are kept in a state of semi-freedom for the maintenance of the farm and take refuge in their respective stables only when necessary.

The Cider

In autumn, when the apples are harvested, the cider-making process begins. After pressing, the sweet cider is collected in barrels where the first fermentation takes place. After approximately three months and depending on the lunar period, the cider is bottled without racking (cider on the mother). Once corked in the bottle, it will finish its fermentation here, ready for you to taste!

Our cider mill is located next to the orchard, you can access it and check the different tools for its elaboration, barrels, grinder, press, etc. We will inform you through social networks at the moment of the elaboration, for those who want to join us in the process.

Orchard and fruit trees

Thanks to the garden and greenhouse, we have fresh vegetables all year round, following the natural cycles of sowing and harvesting. We do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilisers, only natural fertilisers such as compost or animal manure.

In addition to vegetables, we grow small fruits (blueberries, raspberries, currants) with which we make desserts and delicious jams. Scattered around the farm there are plantations of fruit trees: citrus trees such as oranges, lemons, limes and other more exotic ones such as citrus caviar, Buddha's hand or citron. There are also quince trees, feijoas and different varieties of apple trees that we use to make Asturian cider.

Essential oils

Aromatic plants grow in the sunniest areas: 3 types of lavender (angustifolia, latifolia and dentata), rosemary and mint. During the flowering season we prune them to obtain their precious essential oils, which we distil in a traditional still to make bath salts and soaps that guests can enjoy during a relaxing bath.


In the small apiary we take care of the bees that, together with the surrounding flora (heather, laurel, flowers, etc.), produce a delicious honey that we collect once or twice a year and use to sweeten breakfasts and desserts.

Enjoy Asturias by getting immersed in the heart of nature, just a stone's throw from the main points of interest.


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