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Getting Here
La Montaña Mágica · The Magic Mountain


For those guests who wish to come using their GPS systems,
our UTM 30 coordinates are 0345167 and 48082014. For the navigator,
our degrees are 043º 24.62' N and 004º 54.69' W

If you’ve gotten here, we doubt you need to know how to get to Spain, or how to get to Asturias, or even how to get to get to the County of Llanes (in case our doubts exceed us, this should resolve them); let’s centre our focus on some of those details that sometimes get passed over by more general maps. La Montaña Mágica has its own farmland spreading across 120,000 m². No other houses are nearby, and the nearest hamlet is some 500 metres away - El Allende de Vibaño. Before this traditional farmstead was turned into rural accommodation, the small road which connected El Allende and La Montaña Mágica didn’t allow the passage of automobiles. Now connected, El Allende can be reached through La Herrería, which is two kilometres away along the highway which splits off at the stone bridge at kilometre marker 4,700 on highway AS-115. La Herrería is 4.7 km from Posada de Llanes and 10 km from Ribadesella. Fifty metres before arriving to La Herrería a sign indicating the detour to La Montaña Mágica has been placed in both directions.

La Montaña Mágica en el mapaThe distance from the A-8, E-70, N-634 Cantabrian Motorway is 8 kilometres:

• If you are travelling along the A-8 towards Santander from Oviedo:
Take exit 303 (the sign indicates Posada, Barro, Niembro): from the roundabout continue towards Posada by LLN-11. In 600 metres it ends at AS-263. Take a left and continue 200 metres until you arrive at Posada. Turn right at AS-115.

• If you are travelling along the A-8 towards Oviedo from Santander:
Take exit 300 (the sign indicates Posada, Balmori, Celorio). At the roundabout continue towards Posada by AS-263. You will come to Posada in three kilometres after crossing Balmori and Quintana. Turn left at AS-115. [You can also get to Posada taking the exit from the La Vega service station at kilometre marker 303, although it is not signposted.]

Leaving Posada by AS-115, you will come to La Herrería in 4.7 km. Look to the right for the detour to take you to El Allende and La Montaña Mágica. The distance to La Montaña Mágica from both Oviedo and Santander is about 105 km.

If you don’t plan to come by car, you can get to Posada de Llanes both by train (FEVE) and by bus (ALSA, with various daily services). Keep in mind that the distance between Posada train station and La Montaña Mágica is some seven kilometres – the trip in taxi from Posada costs about seven euros and the trip from Llanes about twelve.

La Montaña Mágica / dibujo de Eduardo Carrero

La Montaña Mágica · The Magic Mountain
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